SCOOTER aims at connecting two-wheel vehicles and equivalent with their environment, with the main objective of offering services in the areas of safety, traffic efficiency and green mobility.

We are proposing a hardware/software solution that consists of an on-board unit (OBU) on the enabled vehicle and the connection with the user’s mobile device.

Since nowadays the mobile phone has become an unseparable tool for most people, we are basing our solution on creating a mobile device interface to seamlessly integrate vehicular applications in smart-phones connected with cloud-based services. These services will be fed by data collected from light vehicle OBUs.

For our vision to become a reality, we need a highly integrated unit that abstract the application programmer form the potential multiple communication technologies included in the OBU. This way we will implement a middleware to manage all available communication channels (802.11p, 4/5G and LPWAN families) on the basis of a common IPv6 network access.

Our platform will offer a base monitoring platform with proactive communication with the infrastructure in the form of beaconing, enabling a base for platform-adapted security and urban mobility services on the booming two wheeled transport systems. Our project also aims to demonstrate a real prototype to prove efficient driving on two wheeled transports such as scooters.


  • Integrate LPWAN and 3-5G technologies on a two-wheeled platform.
  • Develop a common IPv6 adaptation layer to unify the communication technologies used.
  • Implement an user interface to enable control from the user’s mobile phone.
  • Develop monitorization and proactive communication middleware for ITS and security purposes.
  • Create a transparent abstraction layer of the communication technologies used.
  • Implement reference services for a sustainable and healthy urban mobility.