SCOOTER (Systems for Cooperative Two-Wheel Vehicles) aims at connecting two-wheel vehicles and equivalent with their environment, with the main objective of offering services in the areas of safety, traffic efficiency and green mobility.

More info about the project

Presenting the scooter project at INSIA

José Santa presents the SCOOTER project at the intelligent vehicles workshop “Innovations for more intelligent, connected and autonomous vehicles” in frames of the the ITS network RETEVI-II.

This R&D network involves nationwide ITS groups and it is financed by the spanish MINECO (Ministry of Economy, Competitivity and Universities).

We had a very interesting exchange of ideas and research topics on the ITS field at the conference.

INSIA scooter talk photo

Kickstarting the scooter!

We are currently documenting our first steps on this project, stand by for the final web to be released :)